FOR MANY YEARS, CIRCLE D'S WEBSITE has been instrumental in connecting serious buyers with quality horses belonging to honest sellers. Originally, our purpose in setting up a good, informative, easy-to-navigate website was to promote our own horses, but gradually our site,, became a very effective marketing tool for owners of good horses and buyers looking for those horses!

AFTER A DIVORCE AND THE DISPERSAL OF OUR HORSES AND RANCH, followed by problems with the software the original site was designed on, Circle D Horses was stagnant for a while as we worked to rebuild the site on new, updated software.  Now, we are ready to go again to provide you with the exceptional visibility and marketing for your horse!


THE REASON OUR SITE HAS BEEN SO EFFECTIVE is our visibility for searchers. We have EXCELLENT search engine placement. For example, if you are looking for a horse with Dash For Cash bloodlines, search "Dash For Cash" in Google. Circle D Horses comes up in the number 7 place. How about "Chicks Beduino"? Number 4. "Feature Mr Jess," 4, "Beduino," 5, "First Down Dash," 5, "Mr Jess Perry," 6, and "This Snow is Royal," 2. "Corona Chick," 8, "Sizzling Lil," 2, "Fishers Favorite," 2, "Jet Deck," 5, "One Sweet Jess," 8. Search these names connected with horses on our site: "Separatist horse," 4, "Three Bars," 4, and "Go Man Go," 5.


THE EXCELLENT historic information and articles about amazing speed horses will be added to the blog that's part of this site so that you can continue to use them as references.


CURRENTLY we are averaging an astounding 120,000 hits per day on our site.


WE WILL LIMIT horses listed on to speed-bred Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Appaloosas and Paints. We will also limit the horses in numbers.

Teri Wilson Dinnell       (406) 240-3664

Advertise Your Ranch or Business
Marketing Rates


  •    $150 (one-time fee) for one web page (up to 4 horses per page for that fee)

  •    7% commission if horse is sold off our site ($100 minimum)

  •    $100 fee when horse sells in some other way

  •    *No monthly fee, no expiration date


Circle D will use a client's logo, racing colors, or brand on their page, or create a logo for the page, as part of the one-time fee.


Horse owner will provide photos (unless horse is conveniently located to Circle D Horses so that we can take photos -- at an additional cost). Several photos of the same horse can be used. Horse owner will also provide pedigree information, as well as information about horse's disposition, conformation, ability, training and soundness.


Circle D will provide pedigree research, if needed. Seller will pay for a $15 Equineline report up front, unless seller has one to provide.


Seller may add or update horse photos and information as often as wanted. *If extensive photo manipulation, additions, research, updates, etc., are needed by the seller (requiring over 2 hours work per on a given request), seller will be charged a $40 fee for that request.